I just have to say something….


When I first started this blog it was meant to be an all encapsulating ‘lifestyle’ blog, but over time it became a predominantly fashion blog (mainly also because the other aspect of it being a partly foodie blog never took hold as I preferred to eat my meals rather the photograph them).


This week, it is not about a new dress I bought or what I wore to the office.


Since those tragic events in Christchurch just over a week ago, there had been something I feel quite strongly about. In short, there is something I’ve been wanting to say. And I can’t hold it in any longer.


We all know a few facts: The tragic events occurred in New Zealand. The perpetrator is Australian.


While there was widespread condemnation of the attack here in Australia (with the exception of a particular racist Australian senator – he deserved that egg) and widespread coverage on the perpetrator and his antics (in keeping with New Zealand’s prime minster Jacinda Ardern who will not speak the perpetrator’s name, nor will I), but there had been remarkably little soul searching, or shame even, here in Australia on how Australia could produce such a twisted, vile man.


Instead, Australian news outlet focussed on reporting the ‘disbelief’ of locals in Australia.


Disbelief is there is nothing short of denial of what a racist country Australia has been, and still is.


Anyone growing up in Australia who isn’t ‘white’ will remember being yelled at all the time with the words ‘go back where you came from’.


It isn’t just the words that are being yelled at: these episodes often happen in public places and I have always noted that white passer-by seem to shrug it off as nothing has happened. In short Australia is racist and the general public has always tolerated its racism.


(This statement had always perplexed me, as the people – or assholes, if you prefer – yelling them are always white. Which meant that, unless they were indigenous, they too had come to Australia from somewhere else too. So I am never quite sure what gave them the right to yell at me to ‘go back where you came from’…)


Public tolerance of racism in Australia probably has roots in our White Australia Policy. And it seems our politicians still think there is a White Australia Policy. At every election Australian politicians will play the race card and you can be assured limiting immigration and ‘border security’ will come up as an election promise on EVERY FRIGGIN major Australian political party’s agenda. And if you think an Australian politician who expresses his election promise to ‘limit immigration’ is directing it at white South African farmers migrating to Australia or white English migrants, you are wrong – if you are white you are welcomed, but if you are ‘Asian with a PHD’ then this is who their immigration policy is directed at.


While New Zealand’s Prime Minister provided a graceful, thoughtful master-class on how a national leader (ANY national leader, for that matter) should behave after such an incident, ours, on the other, merely attempted to say the right words (although one could give him credit for at least trying – contrast this with a particular racist Australian senator – once again he deserved that egg).


Australia should start doing a little soul searching, start feeling a little shame, and start asking herself the pervasive of the behaviour of its politicians and its policies that had provided this ripe but twisted environment for producing such a twisted, vile man.


(P.S. And one more thing, our Australian Minister for Home Affairs had been pretty keen to ‘strip terrorists of their Australian citizenship.’ Just to be fair, maybe our Australian Minister for Home Affairs should also strip the perpetrator in Christchurch of his citizenship.)





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Work trip to Melbourne 2019, part 2

Classic skirt suits are my favourite when it comes to dressing for work, and with several meetings with clients today I decided to stick to the tried and tested as usual. I think well fitted skirt suits are professional, polished, and unmistakeably feminine. So this morning after I put my make-up on I got dressed in my favourite Rhodes and Beckett long-sleeved button-up fitted white shirt, my favourite CUE black pencil fluted hem skirt with waterfall ruffle and Black CUE Revere Collar Blazer (available here). Matching this with a pair of NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps (available here), nude hosiery, my usual earrings, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet set complete the elegant and professional look.


I almost instantly regretted my choice of a long sleeved shirt and a skirt suit the minute I walked out of the hotel room. With temperatures reaching a hot 36 degrees today, I should have instead worn my breezy summer floral print zip-front CUE cotton dress which I also packed. But I was already running late and it was too late to go back to change. By the time I got to our first meeting I decided to ditch the CUE blazer to keep cool.


I used to think I’d love to live in Melbourne. What’s there not to love about Melbourne? I ask myself. There’s great food, there’s charming laneway bars, there’s exciting summer events like the Melbourne Open and the Grand Prix. However, the more I come to Melbourne the more I realise I am starting to slowly but surely hate this place. Firstly, public transport is either non-existent or it doesn’t work. When I tried to get onto a tram this morning I found those trams horribly packed. So packed, in fact, I couldn’t get one and after unsuccessfully getting on two or three of those packed trams I decided walk to my first meeting across the city, in my heels. Needless to say my feet hurt like hell by the time I got there. Ouch!


After the morning meetings I was clearly in no state to walk to my lunchtime meeting (well, it was a business lunch – Does one even call it a business lunch these days? I don’t know). Anyway we had scheduled a lunch with clients at a restaurant/ bar called Cookie, on Swanston St, which was only fifteen minutes by foot according to Google maps. The prospect of trying to squeeze myself into a crowded tram in the midday heat turned me off, so I hailed an Uber instead. The Uber came quick enough, but once we got on the way I realised Melbournian drivers are complete assholes on the road – they are SO AGGRESSIVE! And unnecessarily so! It’s not my Uber driver, he was fine. But the number of times I witnessed other drivers unnecessary blaring their horns (not a soft tut, but those unnecessarily long sustained blasts at someone waiting at the lights to do a hook turn), hand gestures, shouting – UNBELIEVABLE!


So the short time on the road across Melbourne CBD got me thinking: THIS WEEK ALONE the news have reported numerous random and incessant violence in Melbourne: a violent car jacking, seemingly random assaults, murders, and this is on top of the usual Melbourne road rage, etc. Given what I have observed on the roads with Melbournian drivers, I wonder whether violence is part of the accepted culture in Melbourne?


I used to think I’d love to live in Melbourne, but the more I come to Melbourne the more I realise I am starting to slowly but surely hate this place.


Arriving in Cookie safe and sound but with my feet still sore (apparently Swanston St is closed to traffic so the Uber had to drop me off at the corner which meant I still had to walk), I found the place pleasantly quiet. The charming waiter, a chap with a man bun, tells me they just opened for lunch. That explains why it’s so quiet! I was early, so I got a table and took my time to go through the (very) extensive (and somewhat overpriced – $24.50 for three prawn spring rolls which they call ‘Fire-crackers’!?!?!?)Thai inspired menu before our clients arrived.


The food is expensive and the portions were small (sorry no food pics here – hope y’all understand it’s not politically correct photographing my meals at a business meeting with clients), but at least the setting was charming. Cookie is on the first floor of an elegant old building, so it has French doors which opens onto the balcony which is perfect for the summer (the balcony tables were unfortunately all booked out today). High ceilings and windows that look out onto the tree tops add to the charm. Don’t I wish I have an apartment in the CBD with such gorgeous outlook!


It was only early afternoon by the time my meetings finish. I was still in the CBD, which meant there was time to do some shopping! This is what I look forward to most about business trips to Melbourne! I strolled across to Myer on Bourke St mall. Even though I just missed their super Saturday sales, the sales appear to be ongoing. I took the escalators up to the first floor and wasted no time browsing through the racks of clothing.


It wasn’t long before I managed to find this Cooper St dress, which was discounted to $85!


Floral seem so on-trend this season, and I love the cool white background on which the floral patterns are imprinted on (I have too many dark coloured dresses already). There was only one size left, so I made quick trip to the dressing room to try it on. As you can tell I am obviously not wearing the right bra for this dress at the moment, but I think it looks great!



When I was done browsing and shopping for new clothes, I took the lifts straight up to the top floor. I always make a point to go up to the top floor of Myer Melbourne whenever I visit. It’s not the electrical items that I browse, but since their store renovations, the top floor had been opened up and it allows for great views of the city. Today’s views in the clear cloudless blue sky are gorgeous as ever.








Occasion: work/ office



CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer (available here)

CUE long-sleeved button-up fitted white shirt

CUE black pencil skirt with fluted hem and waterfall ruffle and exposed back zip

NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps (available here)

Hosiery from Target


First work trip of the year to Melbourne 2019, part 1

It’s been a dizzying start to the new year! We are still in February, yet so much has happened!


The year started with a lot of promise, but so far there’s been quite a bit of up and down. Significant events for the first not even sixty days of 2019 include: getting harassed online; embarking on a social media holiday (to stop the online harassment); taking some time off work; saw the Chinese New Year come and gone and spent with family and friends; neglecting my usual exercise regime but still ended up losing some weight (which is GREAT – because I was beginning to not fit into my favourite dresses and now I am able to squeeze me way back into some of them)… what a start to the new year!


Readers of my blog will know I usually post on the day I write my blogs, but this time I am late by about 2 days. The reason is I’ve just returned to work after my time off and I’ve been asked to go to Melbourne on a short work trip on short notice. And when I am travelling on work trips it can get hard to find the time to post on the day. But I am hoping 2 days doesn’t make this post too outdated!


While interstate business trips conjures the impression that I am one of those jet-setting executive frequent fliers who whizz around the country on those flat-bed Qantas business class seats, my boss and the company is usually a bit of a cheapskate and book us on the cheapest economy Jetstar seats with hand carry-on luggage only. And besides, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see much of Melbourne in the few days- it’ll just be long hours spent attending meetings and note taking and entertaining some clients.


Nonetheless, when this last minute offer came up I took it without hesitation. The combination of the romantic notion conjured from telling someone I am travelling on business, a potential for me to go shopping if there is a spare hour or two between meetings and a break from my work life stresses in Perth made the offer tempting.


I usually relish these interstate work trips as the previous trips had been quite memorable and enjoyable, albeit hectic at times. Work trips are often an opportunity for me to go away on company expense 🙂 as I wine and dine and build relationships with clients and interstate colleagues (on company expense) and explore a new city, which often allows me to go shopping if there is a spare hour or two between meetings (and as we all know the shopping is so much better in the bustling metropolis of Melbourne than the sleepy city of Perth – the latter is on my own expense but hey, a girl cannot have everything, can she?).


And besides, something I haven’t told anyone before, I am considering leaving this job (not just this job, but the real estate industry – I am starting to get sick of how the entire real estate industry scams the community off for a living and I am not sure if I want to continue to be associated with them) so maybe it’s a good idea to milk this for as long as I can.


Packing for a business trip can be really challenging: looking classy and professional while living out of a suitcase and at the same time keeping the weight and bulk of the suitcase down and within the 23kg checked bag limit. An extra pair of heels, extra pairs of pantyhose (vital as runs and ladders always develop), essential toiletries, my indispensable moisturisers and night creams, an extra dress and skirt and top just in case, all those bottles of make-up, mascara and fragrance… the weight and bulk adds up pretty quickly and before you know it, the suitcase is overflowing and overweight!


For my work wardrobe, I tend to stick to the tried and tested and as I am a creature of habit (with clear favouritism tendencies). So this time for my wardrobe this business trip I stuck to classic skirt suit wearing my favourite pieces. As you may already know I am a fan of skirt suits. I think well fitted skirt suits are professional, polished, and unmistakeably feminine. So in goes my Rhodes and Beckett fitted crisp white shirt, my favourite CUE black pencil skirt and my matching CUE blazer. I threw in 2 other CUE dresses: my purple peplum floral dress and a breezy summer zip front cotton dress.


I checked the flights again and was pleasantly surprised I was booked on a Qantas flight this time! Full service airline rather than a budget airline! No more jostling for overhead luggage space paying $15 for an undersized sandwich on board! Checked luggage included in the airfare! I lucked out! I usually get dropped off at the airport but given this was a work trip on company expense I figured it was more convenient for me to drive.  So I drove to the airport and parked at the long term carpark. I checked in, dropped my luggage off at the automated counters, went through security, and straight into the Qantas domestic terminal.


By now I was already a little hungry so I went in search for lunch. Strangely enough, despite being called Perth ‘International’ airport, a little peculiarly un-international feature of this airport were that the various cafes and restaurants inside the terminal were closed at midday on a Sunday.


Yes, closed! I am not sure what our more international guests think about this, but I am not too impressed. The only lunch option appears to be the sole café located under the Qantas Club lounge which was open, and I was about to settle for their limited Sunday menu when I ran into a former client from work.


He recognised me and we said hello and struck up a conversation, and when I complained about all the cafes that weren’t open at midday on Sunday I couldn’t believe my luck when he invited me into the Qantas Business Lounge! I am new to this frequent flyer status thing but apparently when one is a frequent flyer one earns not only points, but also status. It turns out he is a Qantas Platinum Status flier, which meant he has free access to the Qantas Business Lounge and is at liberty to bring guests into the lounge to enjoy free food, free drinks, and an open bar. You can say I lucked out again!


I don’t usually do lounge reviews (mainly because I don’t usually have access to them) but this time, I might make an exception. I can’t help but am impressed by the Qantas Business lounge at Perth Domestic terminal. The décor is classy: a mix of warm wood tones, leather couches, and dark carpets.


The open bar serves a choice of beer, wines, and spirits.


The food options beat the cafes outside: there is freshly baked foccacia bread, olives, dips, and anti-pasta.


The most impressive of all, however, was the freshly baked pizzas: the lounge even had its own pizza ovens and pizza chefs churning out freshly baked pizzas in a choice of 3 different toppings.


I gleefully helped myself bit of everything: pizza, bread, dips, olives, soup, washed down by a glass of wine. My client from work, meanwhile, he is only too happy to have company.


As I boarded my flight a little later, I cannot help but think, if all my work trips are this comfortable, I wouldn’t mind them at all!




2019: What other way to start the new year than to spend a lazy afternoon shopping!


What other way to start the new year than to spend a lazy afternoon shopping!


I’ve been wanting to go shopping at the new Perth DFO factory outlet mall since it opened in Perth late last year, but I had been so busy I had still yet to get a chance until today.


I’m sure everyone else in Perth had already gone through its doors in the weeks leading up to the new year, but in case you were as busy as I was, here are some photos of the new mall:


From the outside:


Nicely manicured lawn: I am surprised how they kept the grass so green in this summer heat!



The food court:



One of my favourite labels: Review – and they have an outlet store here!



$99 Dresses!!!



To my disappointment, however, there weren’t any nice dresses that caught my eye at Review. Well to be honest there were a few that were ok, but they were just ok…


I did not leave the factory outlet mall empty-handed though, for the next store I walked in I managed to get myself a pretty new Heidi Klum Intimates bra:





So is it really the shopper’s paradise which they claim it to be?


My verdict: I have high hopes for the new factory outlet mall, given all the media hype and all. Did I come away disappointed? Well, yes and no. I managed to buy a new bra (and a rather pretty one too, and it even came in my size which is surprisingly hard to find in amongst sale stock outlet stores as the popular sizes sell out quickly, although I have to admit I got the last B cup), so that certainly made me happy.


The disappointments: well, I think there is an under-representation of sophisticated fashion clothing boutiques but an over-representation of sports stores. Unlike the DFO Factory Outlet stores in Melbourne, there isn’t a Cue store nor a Veronika Maine Store. I would also love to have Ted Baker, Karen Millen, NineWest. In fact, Review was pretty much the only fashion boutique worth shopping at for me. On the other hand, I counted over half a dozen from FILA to Puma to Jim Kidd Sports. Surely a girl needs more dresses and heels than running shoes right?




What is a girl (who is not the least bit interested in the Football) to do on Football Grand Final weekend?

What is a girl (who is not the least bit interested in the Football) to do on Football Grand Final weekend?


It seems like the whole country is mad about the Football (or footie, as we call in here in Australia) Grand Final weekend. I woke up this morning and got my morning coffee and people in the coffee queue was talking about it. I got to work – yes, I work Saturdays too, it’s the downside of working in real estate : ( – and everyone at work is talking about it. I bumped into a random old chap on the street while getting things out of my car and he struck up a conversation with me on, guess what, the Footie Grand Final. And I am not even in Melbourne where the finals are being played – I am half way across the Australian continent in Perth!


So what is a girl, who is not the least bit interested in the footie (sorry to y’all footie fans – I am just not interested in sports), to do on Grand Final weekend?


Most would think I’d settle for the path of least resistance and join the crowd. But no, I didn’t. I finished work by midday and went shopping instead.


I browsed the racks at my favourite labels Review and Cue, but there wasn’t anything that really caught my attention or screamed out ‘must buy’ at me. I was in one of those shopping moods, you know the sort whereby even though there is nothing that really catches my fancy but I really wanted to buy something, anything. So in the end, after an hour of aimlessly wandering in and out and from one boutique to another, I ended up spending $200 buying a dress which I didn’t really want from Cue and lingerie which I probably won’t wear and have no use for from Bras and Things.



Buyer’s regret hasn’t quite crept in yet, and I was unfulfilled. I suddenly remembered Myer is having a mid-season sale so I decided to make my way to Myer instead. Maybe I’ll find something I like at Myer, I told myself. When I arrived at Myer I was still in one of those shopping moods still, I really wanted to buy something, anything. I settled for a matching set of lingerie: CHLOE & LOLA Rowe Contour Push Up Bra in Navy Blossom Floral (basically cute floral patterns on a dark blue/black background) and matching CHLOE & LOLA Rowe G-string with lace trim.





Having already spent about $250, by now feeling a little broke, I was about to call it a day and leave when I spotted this gorgeous red Karen Millen dress. There is something about this dress that I can’t describe, but I couldn’t quite walk away from it.


Maybe it was the colour, maybe it was the material, maybe it was the fit and the cut, but I thought this was just the sort of gorgeous dress I had been looking for all day! I looked at the price tag: it was on sale and reduced, but still rather pricey. I was beating myself up for buying the dress which I didn’t really want from Cue and lingerie which I probably won’t wear and have no use for from Bras and Things: I should have waited and saved my money so that I could have bought this dress! But enough is enough, I thought. Unless I find myself a rich sugar daddy, I’d have to watch my spending. So reluctantly, I left the dress back on the rack. It’s just one of those unfulfilling shopping days. Sigh.





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OOTD: week 12 – Every open house, every week – wearing a gorgeous TED BAKER dress

OOTD: week 12 – Every open house, every week – wearing a gorgeous TED BAKER dress


What a busy few days it had been!


I previously mentioned that there isn’t a better time to be a real estate agent. The market is on the way up (real estate positive speak when the market is at its bottom – hey it can only go up right?) and even if you steal money ($210,000 in the case of a particular Sydney real estate agent) you don’t even have to go to jail!!! (that particular Sydney real estate agent merely got a suspended sentence for his crime!!)


Maybe it’s the loss of confidence in real estate agents on the East coast States, but just this week alone we have enquires from a number of interstate buyers about the fabulous city apartment which we are (still trying at) selling (yes, it’s that same one which failed to sell at auction which I took on since week one). Not only has there been new-found interest from new interstate buyers, I am also super-excited to hear back from the Melbourne based buyer who came to Perth 2 weekends ago to inspect the apartment, the one whom I hand delivered the contracts to his hotel room in Perth CBD!


Like a recently jilted girlfriend on rebound (I am not serious this one– just an allegory), I pounced onto him tightly. Hey Perth prices are cheap compared to Sydney and Melbourne, and if he is flying into Perth this weekend again just to look into purchasing an investment property he must be serious and cash-up! I am not letting this opportunity go!


I need just a little bit of time.


The agency exclusivity period has ended earlier this week and the city apartment we have been trying to sell is still on the market. While I’ve given all I can to try to make a sale in the past 12 weeks, trying everything (and trust me I tried EVERYTHING, every dirty little real estate trick in the book), there is only this much a young woman can do in this market: a 25-year low of the Perth real estate market doesn’t just right itself overnight. Apparently the seller isn’t happy. But my boss spoke to him and somehow managed to beg the seller into giving us another 1-2 weeks of agency exclusivity before he appoints a new agent to take over.  “I want you to work on that cashed up interstate buyer”, my boss tells. “I don’t care what you do but make him sign that sale contract. Take him out for dinner. Buy him drinks. Wear a shorter skirt and higher heels. Flirt with him – you are a woman, you know what to do!”


If he went any further I could have sworn that was my #metoo moment and I would have filed a workplace harassment complaint against him. But at moment the most important priorities are to prove to my boss that I can competently perform. And if my boss had somehow managed to buy me time by begging another 1-2 weeks from the seller, I need to work the interstate buyer, for he is our best chance at a quick sale.


So I rang our interstate buyer again for the third time in as many days. He is flying back to Perth this weekend (and seriously I don’t care if it’s for business or for looking at investment properties) so I offered him a private inspection of the apartment. I am super-excited when he took up the offer, for that means it will give me the opportunity to work on the client relationship, and hopefully close the sale.


I am serious about making a sale this weekend, so I decided to get “dressed up” for this Saturday morning’s open house and private inspection like I would on auction weekends. Last weekend I was feeling a bit dress-y and really want to put a nice dress on but ended up wearing a skirt suit instead. This weekend, however, I decided to put a dress on for the open house and the private inspection. And a nice one too. Ignoring the advise of real estate website domain.com.au that a real estate agent should get her clothes from: “Karen Millen, Cue and Veronika Maine“, I decided to turn to Ted Baker.


I bought this gorgeous TED BAKER gemisa encyclopaedia floral pleated dress (in nude pink) with a shiny contrasting copper zipper from Ted Baker a while ago on my last trip to Melbourne (I just had to stop at the DFO outlet…) but hadn’t really had to chance to wear it out, so I decided this weekend is going to be the special weekend the dress gets to be shown off. I picked it up at a mark down price of $321 (from $459) – it wasn’t that cheap still (the mark down price is running at about full price for a CUE dress) but I really liked the cheerful floral pattern and the shiny copper zipper with the tiny words ‘Ted Baker’ embossed on its side (don’t you just love the attention to detail?)


Needing to look both equal parts stylish and professional, I matched my new floral Ted Baker dress with my favourite CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer. A pair of nude hosiery, and my usual earrings, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet set complete the elegant and professional look.


A great outfit, of course, is only half of looking both equal parts stylish and professional: like that auction weekend I juggled a last minute hair dresser and a beautician’s waxing and threading appointment on Friday so that I would look my best today.

Ted Baker gemisa-encyclopaedia-floral-pleated-dress-nude-pink4


I checked my look in the mirror before I left home: A tasteful dress combined with recently done hair and a beautician visit and light make-up, I feel confident, empowered, and feminine. I am super-excited and looking forward to my work day!





Occasion: work/ office



TED BAKER gemisa encyclopaedia floral pleated dress (in nude pink)

CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer

CUE belt

NINE WEST ‘Mailin’ pumps

Hosiery from Target



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OOTD: week 11 – Every open house, every week – in a fail-safe skirt suit

OOTD: week 11 – Every open house, every week – in a fail-safe skirt suit


I woke up with a dilemma this morning – I don’t know what to wear.


I have to be at work today (yes, I know it’s a Saturday but working at a real estate agency Saturdays are often our busiest days). I feel a bit dress-y this weekend and really want to put on a nice dress but when I check the weather last night they predicted a chilly day in Perth today of a minimum 3 degrees celcius and a maximum of only 17 degrees celcius. That’s cold. Maybe not for those who live in Melbourne (or worse, Canberra), but cold enough by West Australian standards.


As if an outfit dilemma is not enough to be a bad start to my morning, I don’t know what got me but I took an hour to put my make-up on this morning. An hour! And I didn’t even do a good job. Ok, I admit I am a little moody too. The kind of I am over-it-all sort of day. Did I also mention this is the last weekend of the agency exclusivity contract to sell the same one apartment we had been trying for the past 3 months to sell? (Yes I know it is a 12 week exclusivity contract and my blog title says week 11 but remember we lost a week after the unsuccessful auction and had to refresh the marketing campaign?)


Buyers seemed thin on the ground and our interstate potential had gone cold. And my boss isn’t happy. To be honest I am not too either. In the last 3 months (and gosh I just realised 3 months is a quarter of the entire year gone!!) I’ve given all I can to try to make a sale, and my last ditch attempt last weekend to woo the interstate buyer hasn’t translated into a signed contract for sale. I tried everything to try to get the sale, and trust me I tried EVERYTHING, every dirty little real estate trick in the book, but there is only this much a young woman can do in this market: a 25-year low of the Perth real estate market doesn’t just right itself overnight. That alone shouldn’t explain why I took an hour to put substandard make-up on…. But maybe it does.


So I was standing in only my bra and panties in front of my wardrobe, and already running late, I didn’t have a mind to be too creative with my outfit today. I decided to wear a skirt suit again. Because, like a classic white shirt and black skirt combination, it is one of those fail safe choices. And because on this chilly Saturday morning the wool material from which my CUE blazer jacket is made of should keep me warm.


I matched my new favourite Rhodes and Beckett white fitted long-sleeved button-up shirt with my favourite CUE black pencil fluted hem skirt with waterfall ruffle and my CUE CITY blazer. A pair of nude hosiery, and my usual earrings, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet set complete the elegant and professional look. Ditching my current go-to pumps (my comfy and sensible current season NineWest pumps) for something with a 10cm heel, I slipped on my pair of Salvatore Ferragamo slingback high heeled pump. Did I also mention this is the last weekend of the agency exclusivity contract? I figured this is after all the make or break weekend so if it means having to strut around in high heels to make a sale, I’ll do it. I either make the sale this weekend or lose the commission to another agent (not to that blonde bitch at the rival agency I hope!)


Wish me luck! (P.S. I need it)





Occasion: work/ office



RHODES AND BECKETT white fitted long-sleeved button-up shirt

CUE CITY Black wool blend Blazer

CUE black pencil skirt with fluted hem and waterfall ruffle and exposed back zip

Salvatore Ferragamo slingback high heeled pump

Hosiery from Target




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