OOTD – Celebrating New Year 2015, in Cue style!!!

Its not every day that I am invited to a new year’s eve dinner at the top-notch Rockpool restaurant at Crown Perth! Going to such a classy venue, I naturally took the effort to dress my best. I went to the hair-dressers about a week before, trimming the edges so now they are off my shoulders (and in doing so feeling much more comfortable in the Perth summer heat when I wear my hair down). On the weekend I spent an entire afternoon rummaging thru my wardrobe, before deciding on this gorgeous Cue dress: made with imported satin fabric, it has a lovely summery floral pattern on a white background. Yesterday I rushed into the beautician at lunchtime to have my legs waxed. Today at lunchtime I rushed off again to get my nails painted. I got off work slightly earlier this afternoon, rushed home, got out of my work clothes, showered, blew my hair dry, put on my make-up, got dressed again – and its suddenly 6.30pm!! I am always running late despite all the rushing!

Occasion: New Year’s eve Dinner
Cue satin floral racer neck dress
Black Oasis fitted jacket
Salvatore Ferragamo heels
Accesorised with pearl bracelet, matching drop pearl earrings

Cue floral satin dress (1)

Cue floral satin dress (2)

NYE dinner
When I bought the Cue satin floral racer neck dress a few months ago I wasn’t sure initially about the racer neck. I like the fabric and colours but unsure about the racer neck: racer neck tops and dresses tend to broaden my shoulders, they also require strapless bras and strapless bras don’t usually flatter me. But I loved the dress so much I overlooked the negatives and bought it. When I started wearing it, I have no regrets since. Cue dresses are somehow cut in such a way they are always flattering whenever I wear one. I love Cue dresses!

P.S. this is how the dress looked on a model, and on Sonia Kruger as she wore it for the morning show:

ad    Sonia Kruger Apr 16 2014 morning


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