OOTD – Top to bottom in CUE for interstate business trip & meetings

OOTD business trip (1) OOTD business trip (2) OOTD business trip (3) OOTD business trip (4)

This week will be see mostly interstate on a business trip – in fashionable Melbourne! I am excited, given it is looking like there will be some opportunities for shopping and checking out the bar and restaurant scene- all on work expense (well, not the shopping, of course).

First impression, Melbourne is SO COLD compared to Perth. While friends tell me its touching 40 degrees in Perth today, it barely touched 20 degrees here in Melbourne. Which is perfect for me because I need to be presentably dressed in a suit with interstate business trips and meetings with clients, and the cooler weather means I won’t be sweating under the layers.

We are scheduled to meet an important client for today’s meetings, so naturally I dressed my best: I chose to go in my favourite classic office outfit – top to bottom in CUE. I love clothing from CUE. Their sizing fit me extremely well, I find them so very flattering, and they are usually very on trend and stylish. So this is by far my favourite fashion brand when it comes to office wear for me (which you will no doubt notice!). I buy most of my office/work outfit from CUE: fitted shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses. Teamed with my Ferragamo heels, classic nude French-style pantyhose, and a conservative adornment of a simple and matching set of pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings combination, I am all out to impress! So here I am my outfit of the day taken back in my hotel room – I just got back not too long ago after dinner with the client.

Occasion: Office/ work

CUE suit jacket
CUE zip front fitted white long-sleeved shirt
CUE black pencil skirt
Salvatore Ferragamo heels


8 thoughts on “OOTD – Top to bottom in CUE for interstate business trip & meetings

  1. Kenny Devine says:

    More office wear love. I don”t rhink there”s anything to beat black and white. A smart fitted white shirt teamed with a shapely black skirt, is about as good as it gets. But I don”t mind being proved wrong on this one 🙂


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