OOTD – When a client asks to meet you after work

I was really meaning to post this last night when I came home, but I was so tired I completely forgot about it! Sorry for the twenty-four hour late posting!

Thanks to everyone who replied my last post – your suggestions were really helpful!

For those who missed it, I was asking if it is ever appropriate to meet a client at a bar after work. A male client who has an established and ongoing relationship with the agency has asked to meet me after work at a nice bar in the city to talk about business. After much deliberation, I felt it was more important I send the message that I don’t want to lose the business relationship, so I decided to say yes. To firmly establish the reason I am there (ie it was business not a ‘date’), I went in business attire, wearing a skirt suit I usually wear to the office.

client bar (1) client bar (2) client bar (3)

Top: Cue long sleeved fitted shirt, white, size 8.
Bottom: Cue pencil skirt, black, size 8.
Blazer: Oasis blazer, black, size 8.
Heels: NineWest, black.

We started with a drink at one of the bars in the city, before heading for dinner, and ending the night for coffee at the bar of the Hyatt Regency Perth. I have to say it was a rather pleasant evening, and at no point did the conversation go off-course nor did I feel pressured in any way.


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