OOTD: Keeping cool in white

Checking the weather forecast for today, it is going to be a scorcher. 38 degrees Celsius- it is going to be a very HOT day. On days like this I would rather stay indoors all day with the air-conditioning turned on and not have to be outside, but one of the unfortunate things about my current job is that I have to work some weekends. So my day started this morning with a dilemma of sorts: what to wear on such a scorching day to keep myself cool and comfortable while still maintaining that professional look that clients expect. I looked thru my wardrobe and considered my options: a sleeveless black satin peplum fitted dress from CUE, a white sleeveless peplum top from OXFORD paired with a pencil skirt from CUE, a soft red see-thru blouse from TOKITO matched with an A line skirt (previously seen here), a floral satin racer neck dress from CUE…

In the end I settled for a white short-sleeved button-up fitted shirt from CUE, paired with an elegant fitted floral print pencil skirt from CUE.

keeping cool in white (1)    keeping cool in white (2)

keeping cool in white (4)

I figured a white short sleeved shirt would do the best to keep me cool, and the fitted skirt that comes down to my knees would give me the professional look. Could I have worn a shorter skirt on such a hot day (such as my H&M pleated skirt previously seen here)? I could have, but I had just recently bought this CUE outfit and to my surprise it had been sitting in my wardrobe, unworn, for a while. I don’t know how I could have missed it: the pieces fit me like a glove: comfy but yet sophisticated and flattering. Their colour and cut also meant that it would be easy to mix and match with existing items in my wardrobe (white shirt = wardrobe staple; pencil skirt = wardrobe staple), so when I tried them on in the fitting room I just had to have them. It is about time I wear it, I thought.

I am not sure about everyone else but I had always been brought up that pantyhose/stockings is an indispensable part of a professional outfit, regardless of how hot the day is going to be. So I threw on some nude stockings, slipped on the pair of Nine West heels Mom me for my Christmas present (previously seen here), accessorised with a string of cultured south sea pearl necklace, matching pearl bracelet, and a pair of earrings and reluctantly left the house to take on another Saturday working day.

keeping cool in white (3)

OCCASION: work/ office

Top: white short-sleeved button-up fitted shirt (CUE)
Bottom: floral print pencil skirt (CUE)
Heels: Nine West



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