Days are starting to get shorter and temperatures go lower as we in the southern hemisphere creep closer towards the winter months, and very soon it will be the time of the year again whereby going home after work will be done in the dark. I am all for cool weather and curling up in front of a roaring fire, but I really hate travelling in the dark after work. As if in denial, or maybe to have one last fling with summer, I have decided to travel up to the Gold Coast over this long weekend.

A good friend of mine had recently moved up to the Gold Coast and she had been constantly asking me to come visit her, so the long weekend became the perfect time to travel over for some sun, sand, and fun. Travelling to somewhere warm/tropical means less clothing to carry, so I managed to pack my sandals, bikini, short skirts, summer tops and sunblock all into hand luggage for the flight on Saturday morning. By the time I arrived and got picked up from the airport and driven back to my friend’s place it was already afternoon.

Our plan for the weekend: My friend would take me out on Saturday night to check out some of glitzy Gold Coast’s bars and clubs, then the next day (Sunday) we’d sleep in and chill on the beach, before I leave on Monday.

Saturday night started with pizza delivered for dinner, then drinks on her apartment balcony, and a few of her friends came over to join us for the night out on the strip. For the night out on Saturday in the warm Gold Coast weather, I chose to match a short flared high waisted floral print skirt  (OXFORD ‘Alison’ skirt – see OXFORD’s website) with a cute fitted white short sleeved shirt (CUE) and a pair of NineWest heels. Yes I have previously posted the same CUE shirt and NineWest heels, and as a testament to the versatility of a white shirt and black heels (and being wardrobe essentials), the same pieces (minus the inappropriately short skirt, that is, despite what Oxford’s website says about how it can be worn ‘to work with an ivory top’) have been worn to the office.

Occasion: Night out to a club with friends


CUE fitted white short sleeved shirt

OXFORD ‘Alison’ high-waisted Floral print flared skirt

NineWest heels

Gold Coast club outfit-Oxford skirt & Cue shirt (1)

Gold Coast club outfit-Oxford skirt & Cue shirt (2)


I hope everyone had a similarly wonderful long weekend!




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