Grey skirt suit (1)

It is a habit of mine on weekday mornings (among other things such as my morning shower, brushing teeth, putting on my make-up to get ready for work, etc.) to browse at new messages in my email inbox and social media account and keep up with what’s new in the world. So this morning I came across this on Facebook, which linked out to the full commentary by a reporter named Radhika Sanghani titled ‘So long to the skirt suit. Why we need to ditch this sexist uniform – once and for all’


My first reaction when I read that news article was: WTF? I have come across many a ludicrous claim in news articles in my time, but this has got to be the most far-fetched, most poorly researched, and most outrageously immature article to date. If the intention of the news article is to sell copies off the rack by provocation, well it is provocative, but I am not sure if I am buying it.


‘The skirt suit demands the wearer pair it with heels – typically an uncomfortable stiletto court shoe’ she writes. No love, I don’t always have to wear ‘uncomfortable stiletto court shoe’ with a skirt suit. I have pulled it off wearing a skirt suit with flats, and in the winter months with comfy knee-high boots. When I pair it with heels (as in my previous posts here, and here), it is my choice because I want to be seen in heels (and tip for our reporter: if you pay a bit more for your heels and avoid buying them from cheap departmental stores they can actually be comfortable).


As to ‘From jumpsuits to jeans; wide-legged trousers and trainers, women can ‘power dress’ in a manner that suits them and their careers…’ Trainers? Oh get real love: even men can’t get away with wearing trainers to the workplace, so what are you on about?


So I disagree with the news article (at the risk of being branded a sexist, though I don’t know how that will work because surely a woman can be a sexist against other women?). I on one hand quite like wearing skirt suits. Why? Three reasons I can think of just right now

  1. Skirt suits give a neat and professional look.
  2. Skirt suits are practical: when it is warm I can remove the jacket, and when I feel chilly I can throw on the jacket.
  3. Skirt suits give me flexibility: the fact that I can mix and match my tops and skirts mean that I can go all out feminine (such as pairing a sheer blouse with a pussy bow) or conservative (such as my outfit today, pairing a long sleeved collared shirt fully buttoned to the neck) depending on my mood for the day.


So to the dear reporter, I don’t know what you are on about. It must have been a slow news day.


As an act of defiance, and to carry across my point that I disagree, I decided to wear a skirt suit to work today.

Grey skirt suit (3)

Grey skirt suit (2)

Grey skirt suit (4)


Occasion: Office/ work (and an act of defiance against the news article)



OXFORD skirt suit: OXFORD wool blend jacket

OXFORD ‘Monroe’ wool blend pencil skirt with front slit

CUE zip front fitted white shirt

Steve Madden suede heels


So I want to put it out there with a poll to see what everyone thinks – Do other women (or men) think a skirt suit is sexist? Let me know what you think and looking forward to hearing from everyone.







  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    haha not at all! i completely agree with you – it’s not sexist unless women are being objectified for it, treated less because of it, or forced to wear one 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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