Natalie’s current season fashion wish-list

I am rostered again to work tomorrow morning, so I had the afternoon off today. Since I was already out and about, I decided to go to the shops to do some (window) shopping. Walking around the boutiques and the departmental stores, it seems the standout theme this season is floral. Bright, bouquet, spring-time bloom floral. Among the variety, this is my must-have fashion shortlist for the season:

Natalie's must have

  1. Alannah Hill silk blouse with contrast satin pussy bow

I am not usually an Alannah Hill girl, but this blouse is just gorgeous and I fell in love with it at first sight. This might just convert me … until I took a peek at the price tag. Gasp! Sadly it will have to stay on the rack until I save up 😦

  1. Cue City tailored pants

The pair of tailored pants to go with that Alannah Hill blouse, giving the work wardrobe a splash of colour.

  1. Nine West ‘Xeena’ heels

I just love this pair of heels, wearing this season’s floral theme one foot at a time on a sensible heel height, which will go well for both in office and on the weekend.

  1. Cue floral print sleeveless dress

Regular followers will know I am a Cue girl. Cue is pretty much my favourite when it comes to updating my wardrobe, be it for work (such as here), or the weekend (here). But their collection vary season to season from classy and tasteful to plain weird. This season (and increasingly so over the past few) the pieces are mostly towards the latter. I am just hoping that Cue will find its feet again, for if they continue experimenting with wired cuts and designs, I may just have to look elsewhere (like Alannah Hill). Sifting through the weird cuts and designs, this dress is the pick: Cue’s interpretation of the season’s floral theme, albeit more in more sombre shades (it looks duller in real life than in the photos).




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