When I think business trip, I think of my father. When I was young, he used to travel a lot for business. Off course I did not understand what it was all about until I got older. I remember my mother would ask us to kiss father goodbye, and we’d see him leave the house. Then I would miss him for a few days, not understanding what was going on. When I grew older, I started to develop an understanding of what that was all about. I’d watch him pack before his trips. The neatly folded shirts and suits go in a battered Samsonite case, documents go in a black briefcase, and toothbrush in a small hand-carry bag. When father came home from those business trips, there were stories, gifts from exotic overseas destinations, and cuddles and kisses for the children.


Growing up watching my father travel, I always wanted to do the same. It looked glamorous and exciting back in my father’s days.


But little did I know the reality is not quite the same as I thought it would be. As I only found out after I started working, business trips usually meant ridiculously early mornings (to make the first flight of the day) and late nights, usually to save the company money of an extra overnight hotel expense. There’s the long hours spent on the road, usually a combination of flying and driving. By the time I arrived at the destination, I usually have to hit the ground running with tight schedules of meetings and clients, and still remain cheerful and professional despite already being tired, thirsty and hungry. In spite it all, I still look forward to these business trips: there’s always the hope that there’s time between schedules to take in some sights or do some shopping (although there usually isn’t).


So this week I am looking forward again to the business trip next week, accompanying the boss to my absolute favourite city: fashionable Melbourne! My excitement fizzled a little this morning when been told by my boss to travel on hand-carry luggage only, which made me go into a little panic (I suspect he is trying to save on checked luggage fees). He wants me to pack an entire week’s worth of clothing, toiletries, make-up and work documents and items into a case weighing no more than 7 kilograms? Oh my god.


When I travelled to Melbourne on a week-long business trip last year, I posted my outfit of the day for the week. I am hoping I can do the same again in I have time on the trip (but no promises!). For now, I am just trying to pack. It looks as if I have to recycle my outfit and perfect the art of mixing and matching. For the time being, this is what I picked out to wear for the business trip next week:

outfit for carry-on cabin bag

Clockwise from left:

  1. CUE satin sleeveless fitted peplum black dress
  2. CUE button-up long sleeved fitted white shirt
  3. CUE button-up long sleeved fitted white shirt
  4. BASQUE sheer sleeveless top (in white)
  5. CUE pencil skirt (black)
  6. CUE satin floral print pencil skirt (with contrast black zip and piping)


To save weight, I am intending to hand-carry my trench coat, and wear my black fitted blazer jacket and my pair of work heels on the flight. But I haven’t quite decided what outfit to wear on the flight yet…






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