in CUE sleeveless peplum black dress, sans make-up

The first day any business trip is often the most hectic. The day typically starts with early morning wake-up and lots of time spent on the road with flights and travelling. Even though I am usually already tired, thirsty and hungry by the time I arrived at the destination, I usually have to hit the ground running with tight schedules of meetings and clients and still remain cheerful and professional despite it all. There is little time to do anything else other than running around like a mad chicken. I don’t have time to check in to the hotel when I arrive (this is done only at the end of the long day) so packing all my items in a small hand carry luggage case makes it easier to lug the thing around town. There isn’t time to change, so whatever I wear when I leave home have to stay on for the entire day until I get back to the hotel. I put on my make-up on the go (its too hard to have to put on make-up at 4 am in the morning when I am blurry-eyed and rushing to get to the airport in time…), either on the plane just before it lands or in the back of the cab. Breakfast and lunch is also usually eaten on the go.

early morning flight to Melbourne

The choice of outfit for the first day of any interstate business trip is therefore one of the most important considerations for me when I travel on business. Not only must I be comfortable in it for the hours spent sitting in the air and on the road, it must also look professional when I finally arrive at the destination for the meetings and clients.


So for the first day of my business trip I decided to wear this versatile black dress from CUE. One of my favourite dresses, I have worn this understated dress both to the office as a work dress, and also out on dates and to restaurants and bars as a little black dress for after-work and the weekends.


When I wear this dress to the office I usually pair it with a blazer jacket as the alternative to wearing a skirt suit, and today was no different. Not only is it comfortable enough to endure hours of travelling, as a work dress for the office I like the professional, polished, and unmistakeably feminine look. My only two gripes about the dress:

(1) it did not come with a belt, so I had to accessorise it with my own. I usually wear it with the skinny black belt with a contrasting gold buckle (the gold is to break up the monotony of black) I bought from H&M.

(2) the satin material creases really easily so by the end of the dress usually looks wrinkled. I still haven’t perfected the craft of keeping it wrinkle free so if anyone knows of a way to do so, please leave a comment or email me.

CUE sleeveless peplum black dress (1)

CUE sleeveless peplum black dress (2)

And one thing you won’t see very often here: the first photo (without the blazer jacket) is me sans make-up, taken just before leaving home this morning. I know its probably criminal that I should be leaving home without any make-up on, but at 4.30am in the morning – it’s just too hard! (The other photos were taken in my hotel room in Melbourne after I finally checked in at the end of the day).


Occasion: Office/ work – business trip meetings



CUE satin sleeveless fitted peplum black dress

H&M belt (in black) with contrasting gold buckle

OASIS black fitted blazer jacket









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