CUE black floral pencil copper zipfront dress 1

I must admit, wearing a sheer white sleeveless top in mid-winter in Melbourne yesterday was probably a mistake. Melbourne feels so much colder compared to Perth. I was feeling the cold all day yesterday even though I had blazer jacket on the whole time.


Determined to stay warm today, I am wearing a High Neck Dress made from a heavy satin material instead. From CUE, the dress is made from a heavy satin material, heavier and warmer than the soft satin material of the pencil skirt I wore yesterday. The dress is adorned with red, white and gold floral motifs, is closed by a trendy contrasting copper coloured zip in the front.

CUE black floral pencil copper zipfront dress-detail

It’s a truly versatile boardroom to bar dress: its knee length hem-line means it is never too inappropriately short for the office, and the front zip which zips all the way up to the neck means it is one of those dresses I zip up all the way to the neck and throw on a blazer jacket for a professional look in the office, but for after-work drinks in the bar I can throw off the blazer and unzip the front to show a little more if I wanted to. Like most clothing pieces I have from CUE, I love the dress’ flattering cut and it fits my body shape very well.

CUE black floral pencil copper zipfront dress 3.JPG

I have ALWAYS wanted to wear this dress since I bought it some months ago but have never worn it because it is usually too warm to wear in the Perth weather, so I am mighty pleased I threw it into my luggage at the last moment and I am finally wearing it today.

CUE black floral pencil copper zipfront dress 2

Occasion: Office/ work – Business trip meetings



CUE Floral Satin Spliced High Neck Dress with Contrasting Copper Coloured Front Zip

CUE belt (which came with the jumpsuit – see previous post)

OASIS black fitted blazer jacket



P.S. I am really sorry for the poor lighting in the photographs – Melbourne appears to be a city of high rise and each skyscraper seem to tower over each other like a forest of sprouting bamboos. The hotel room look (too close for comfort actually) into a neighbouring apartment building and has little sunlight coming through its windows, and the room’s dark mood lighting doesn’t help!






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