OOTD – The mood is floral on Melbourne Cup day 2016


I am so jealous of our fellow Melbournians. While they get to revel in the public holiday, and enjoy an excuse to dress up for the races, the rest of us have to go to work as usual. So what is it about the Melbourne Cup that is such a big deal? For me it is not winning (I’ve never won anything in my life, in fact not even those instant scratch-and-win cereal boxes contests, so I am not even going to try…), nor it is the betting (I don’t bet, and unlike my colleagues I don’t even own shares in the stock market), nor it is the access to exclusive race marquees (I am not rich or well-connected enough), but it is about finding an excuse to dress up and having a good time with friends.


But of course, the races are held smack in the middle of my work day. While some are fortunate enough to head off to the pub for races celebration immediately after the races (what sort of work do they do again?), for me it has to wait until after work in the afternoon. It’s then a quick dash back home to change into my after-work post-races celebration outfit before heading out to meet some friends for a few drinks and gossip.


Last year I wore a checked Wayne Cooper dress in the classic colours of black and white. This year, however, my mood is floral. Continuing from the floral theme I wore in winter (which was a darker, more sombre, more subdued palate), I decided with the change of seasons the floral theme should evolve into a lighter and more vibrant palate. So tonight I chose to wear a pretty printed dress from CUE: there is nothing like those little colourful bunches of flowers printed on a cool white background and a pleated hem that sways in the breeze that encompass the mood of spring more. While cotton dresses can look fussy and frumpy, this little CUE dress doesn’t: I can imagine the cool cotton will make it a daily favourite for me for the warmer months ahead, while the dress’ flattering and fitted cut will still keep me looking classy. Its contrasting copper-coloured front zip which zips all the way up to the neck means it is also one of those dresses I zip up all the way to the neck and throw on a blazer jacket if the notoriously fickle spring weather becomes chilly, or unzip the front to show a little more if it gets too warm.





Occasion: Post Melbourne Cup races celebration/ night out



CUE floral party dress with contrast black piping and copper-coloured front zip

Nine West heels


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