Natalie’s current season fashion wish-list

I’ve been out and about in the shops lately, and I thought I might share with everyone my must-have fashion shortlist for the season so far:

Natalies wishlist 2017


  1. Rhodes & Beckett Flame and Atlante Paisley Pencil Shirt Dress

As the weather gets cooler with winter, Shirt Dresses become both stylish, practical and comfortable to stay warm in the office. I am not usually a Rhodes and Beckett fan (as CUE does better cuts and style for the similar money) but this shirt dress just looks gorgeous and I fell in love with it at first sight. Until I can afford it with my next paycheck, I’ll keep eyeing it every time I walk past the Rhodes and Beckett boutique!


  1. NineWest ‘Xenos’ pumps

Firstly it’s the colour I love – contrasting black and white. Secondly it’s the little bow at the front. And thirdly the heel. The pair of pumps looks contemporary and smart, while a practical 6cm petite kitten heel ensure comfort in the office. 🙂


  1. Dita Von Teese ‘Star Lift’ Balconnet Bra

I just had to fall in love with this bra. It’s both sexy and comfy. If only it came in white so that I can wear it under my white shirts and blouses…


  1. CUE Check Pencil Dress

Regular followers will know I am a CUE girl. CUE is pretty much my favourite when it comes to updating my wardrobe, be it for work (such as here), or the weekend (here). This classy sleeveless pencil dress I am sure will become one of my favourites, suitable for both the office and the weekend.




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