OOTD – Summer wedding

There is something very very romantic about getting married and having a wedding reception in a scenic vineyard in the warm summer months. My friend Sara did just that. So for my first post of 2018 I decided to blog about what I wore to this romantic wedding. With an invite in my hand and a suitcase of dresses, heels, and make-up, I drove for four hours south after work yesterday in the setting sun, still in my work clothes, just to get to the hotel well after dark. By the time I checked in and got into my hotel room I was so tired I was ready for bed. If only the vineyards were closer to the city…


I naturally wanted to sleep in this morning, but I cannot. I haven’t even decided which dress I wanted to wear (hence a suitcase full of dresses), so I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn:

  • to walk around the venue in the light to see what it looks like (it was all dark when I got there last night)
  • to try to get a sneaky peek at the wedding cake (success!!) and wedding rings (failed!!)
  • to unpack and go thru the various combination of heels and dresses and decide what outfit should I wear.


As for my outfit I shortlisted a few, including this breezy floral dress from CUE which I love so much in the warm summer months which I previously wore, and another versatile boardroom to bar zip-front dress from CUE which I sometimes wear to the office and also on the weekends, but in the end I chose a dress I have never previously worn despite having bought it: a classy and breezy Jayson Brunsdon ‘black label – poppy field’ floral dress.

Jayson Brunston 'black label - poppy field' dress at wedding (1)

Unlike some of my clothes which no longer fit me (especially my skirts- I must have put on weight lately), this dress still fits me perfectly. This Jayson Brunsdon ‘black label – poppy field’ dress has a corset top held up by spaghetti straps (which I prefer over strapless dresses as strapless ones have a tendency of accidentally slipping down and exposing my breasts – risky!) and a well-below knee length hemline, fulfilling the ‘classy, not slutty’ rule of wedding outfits. Furthermore, I love the flowing pleated full skirt, which is perfect for sashaying about in heels. Bright floral prints on a dark background give it an understated classy look. Perfect for special occasions, or events such as a wedding. If it gets chilly (highly unlikely in this summer heat) I have my Oasis fitted blazer jacket handy.

Jayson Brunston 'black label - poppy field' dress at wedding (4)

Jayson Brunston 'black label - poppy field' dress at wedding (3)

Trying on a few different pairs of heels including a pair of suede black pumps, I decided to go with my pair of sky-high Salvatore Ferragamo. My feet might hurt even before the wedding reception starts but hey, even though I am not the bride I deserve to look good too.

Jayson Brunston 'black label - poppy field' dress at wedding (2)




Occasion: Summer wedding



Jayson Brunsdon ‘black label – poppy field’ dress

OASIS black fitted blazer jacket

Salvatore Ferragamo heels

wedding venue

wedding decor

wedding cake


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