OOTD: week 2 – Every open house, every week – in iconic, unmistakeably CUE

OOTD: week 2 – Every open house, every week – in iconic, unmistakeably CUE


Since I started to post my outfit of the day look at every open house, every week, for the upcoming listing which I will be working with until the auction day, I’ve been looking online for ideas on what to wear to get “dressed up” for each open house. It’s not that I don’t have an idea what to wear, after all I’ve already been working in real estate for a number of years, for me the more fashion inspiration and ideas the better.


A few days ago this week I came across something interesting: according to an article on real estate website domain.com.au, the article actually goes as far to suggest specific labels that a real estate agent should get her clothes from: “Karen Millen, Cue and Veronika Maine”. I am hoping there is no paid product endorsements from the labels…


But honestly, is that the reason why dressing up in Cue has become the default open house uniform for so many female real estate agents?


For myself, however, I wear Cue not because real estate website domain.com.au says I should.


Quite simply, it is because I look and feel good wearing Cue. They fit perfectly and are cut to make the most of my figure. They are also iconic: I love the fact that I can walk into a room and people can instantly tell it’s a Cue dress and I always get compliments when wearing Cue. Pricey but trendy, I rate it an absolute must for the style conscious working woman.


Of late, however, they have gone downhill. While I would give them a solid 5/5 for their range from even 5 – 10 years ago when they were made with quality imported fabric and well stitched together, I would rate Cue lower nowadays. Firstly, their styles seemed odd and over-ornamented these days (with unnecessary frills or ruffles in odd spots). Secondly, their quality has gone downhill. Thirdly (the one that annoys me the most) is that their sizing has changed! Yes, I’ve always been a Cue size 6/8 but these days I couldn’t squeeze myself into anything smaller than a size 10!


Thinking I must have put on weight, I begrudgingly pulled out the new styles and older styles from my wardrobe last night and measured them side by side. And that is when I found the same size in Cue’s newer styles have actually shrunk compared with the old existing ones in my wardrobe. WTF!


For today’s open house, I have chosen to wear Cue. Besides, according to the article on real estate website domain.com.au, the mark of a successful real estate agent lies on her clothes, wearing labels such as: “Karen Millen, Cue and Veronika Maine”. Like many of my real estate peers, I figured I too should just fake it until I make it. Looking thru my Cue and Veronika Maine dress (such as this purple floral pencil dress and this pink dress from Cue and Veronika Maine respectively), I decided instead of relying on the newer styles of Cue dresses in my wardrobe, I’d stick to an ‘old faithful piece: something iconic, something unmistakeably Cue, something of an all-time favourite dress of mine: my floral satin racer neck dress.


I still remember when I first bought this dress I was a bit uncertain about it. The dress wasn’t discounted, it was close to closing time on a weekday, and I wasn’t sure whether the cut would fit me. But I bought it nonetheless. It was one of my most expensive dresses I paid, but I absolutely loved it by the time I brought it home and put it on in front of the mirror again. I loved it so much I didn’t just wear it for just for special occasions. I’d wear it to blind dates. I’d wear it for dinner with friends. I’d wear it for a night out with my girlfriends. I’d always pack it with me for interstate business trips to wear to dinners with business clients. And it had gotten me lucky with successful sales and business deals on at least one occasion too. Of late, though, it has been relegated to the back of the wardrobe by newer dresses. But today I figured I might need some luck at this weekend’s open house (the last weekend’s open house was poorly attended unfortunately- the weather may have something to do with it).


While the dress may be an old favourite (which is, sadly for those who missed out, is sold out no longer available for sale – even Sonia Kruger wore it to the set on Channel 9 Mornings!), the rest of my outfit are new and current season. Pairing the dress with an elegantly cut current season CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer and my new pair of NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps to finish for a professional look.


Fingers crossed this week’s open house is more successful than last week’s!


Occasion: Office/ work



CUE satin floral racer neck dress (sold out)

CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer (available here for A$280)

NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps (available here for A$149.95)




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