OOTD: week 8 – Every open house, every week – statement Nicola Finetti dress

OOTD: week 8 – Every open house, every week – statement Nicola Finetti dress


It’s hard working fulltime and also trying to maintain a blog at the same time. I have been so tired lately with work. And being winter doesn’t help either: the fact that I go home most days after the sun has set reinforces the impression of a long working day and makes me even more fatigued. To counter fatigue I’ve been trying to eat healthily whenever I can, keep myself well hydrated with plenty of coconut water, and when still have some leftover energy after work I try to make it to the gym and do some classes.


Followers of my blog will know that I started this little project 9 weeks ago to document and post every outfit I am wearing to every open house, every weekend. It was a great idea at that time, coinciding perfectly with feeling euphoric at being handed the responsibility to sell an inner city apartment. 9 weeks on, however, with the apartment still on the market and the end of the 12 week agency exclusive period looming, I am feeling the stress now.


There is something perverse about the real estate industry: it seems only money talks and nothing else matters and agents would try whatever dirty trick there is to scam a sale off anyone. The vendors (seller) thinks I haven’t got what it takes to make them the greedy profit they are chasing, and my boss is pushing me so that the agency and he can pocket that greedy 2.2% commission. The morals I have been taught as I was growing up seem certain to be cast away the longer I stay in the real estate industry, and I am so sick of it sometimes. With all this stress I have noticed that there are now now under eyes. Goodness me. And there is only this much a girl’s concealer can do to hide them…


Like the mind of a superstitious gambler, I decided a completely new outfit for this weekend’s scheduled open house inspection might just be what I need to change my luck. There was a really stunning red Karen Millen dress I spotted in passing during my busy lunchbreak a few weeks ago but I hadn’t had the time yet to go back to the shops to try it on even though I keep thinking about it. So instead I rummaged through my wardrobe and tried to find something I bought but haven’t worn (and I conceded I do that a lot – I get through periods of almost feverish shopping where I buy more that I can wear, then stash them in one corner of my wardrobe and forget about them – most recently being my Review Mary Beth pencil skirt which I finally wore for the first time last weekend).


Imagine my surprise when I pulled out this dress – an unworn Nicola Finetti dress – and I had almost completely forgotten about it! Sporting a contrasting shiny blue floral embroidery on the upper part of the dress and orange floral embroidery on the lower part of the dress and an on-trend exposed metal zipper at the back, I think the dress is both classy and contemporary. It’s made in Australia, constructed from a heavy textured satin like material (the label says fabrication = 100% Polyester, Contrast – 100% Silk, Lining – 100% Acetate), has a hemline that goes down to my knees, and has sleeves all of which I think is perfect for keeping me warm during the chilly winter season open house inspection. It’s even got handy pockets!


It still had its label attached, and I am surprised I actually paid A$410 when I bought it. What was I thinking? I don’t even like cut-out style dresses!! But something would have moved me enough when I tried it on in the fitting rooms to make me fork out this amount of cash… though I can’t tell you what it was now.


The downsides of this dress? Sharp angled cut out on sleeve frame exposes my shoulder (and I am not a big fan of cut-out style), and it has a centre front slit opening (the sort of dress you cannot wear a bra underneath). But I have a perfect solution to maintaining my modesty, I paired this dress with a CUE blazer which I wore over the dress during the duration of the open house inspection.


As far as footwear is concerned, the only pair of heels that match this dress isn’t my current favourite pair of comfy and sensible NineWest pumps, but my pair of Salvatore Ferragamo slingback high heeled pump. In the past my Ferragamo pumps have been reserved only for special occasions (such as weddings, for example), but I have been wearing them to the office in the past few weeks. Made in Italy and a classy statement item for any outfit, the cooling market and more importantly, competition, has made my Ferragamo pumps an essential weapon of choice for selling real estate. Desperate times call for desperate measures: I just try to ignore how the 10cm heel kills my feet at the end of each day. Or the fact that even with all the sore toes it is not quite working (yet). Maybe adding this statement Nicola Finetti dress to my statement Salvatore Ferragamo slingback high heeled pump is what I need to change my luck.



Occasion: Office/ work



Nicola Finetti contrast cut-out dress (still available at Myer at a substantial discount)

CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer

Salvatore Ferragamo slingback high heeled pump (sold out but very similar style available here for $975)

Nude Hosiery from Target (available here)






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