OOTD: week 10 – Every open house, every week – (mid-week) inspection in CUE pencil dress worn with CUE shirt

OOTD: week 10 – Every open house, every week – (mid-week) inspection in CUE pencil dress worn with CUE shirt


I am super-excited!


I just found out that one of the parties that inspected the fabulous city apartment which we are (still trying at) selling (yes, it’s that same one which failed to sell at auction which I took on since week one) is an interstate buyer! We love interstate buyers here in Perth, because compared to prices in Sydney and Melbourne Perth real estate looks cheap and interstate buyers are usually cashed up.


He said nothing as he walked thru the apartment during the open house last weekend, and I only found out today after the third conversation with him on the phone since the start of this week that he revealed his eastern states roots. Turns out he is in Perth for business, and somehow thought a great way to spend a Saturday morning was to attend real estate open houses (yeah, I know, some people have weird hobbies huh).


He told me today was the last day he is going to be in Perth and he is getting onto an evening flight back over east, so when he asked for the sale contracts I decided that instead of just sending it out to our interstate client via email, a personal touch might work best here. Excited as the prospect of a sale, and timely I must add because there is only one more week left on the exclusivity sales contract I decided taking into account our somewhat desperate situation (once the exclusivity period ends the seller can sign on any other agent!) I am going to hand deliver the contracts to him in his hotel as he has just finished his meetings and is going back to his hotel room to pack.


It’s just as well when I got dressed this morning I decided to wear something nicer. It was only a chilly 13 degrees or so when I got out of bed this morning so I decided to paired my versatile fitted black peplum dress from CUE with my favourite CUE long sleeved button-up fitted white shirt. A CUE belt at my waist, nude hoisery and my comfy NineWest pumps complete my look. It’s after all winter in Australia and wearing a white shirt under the black dress will not only keep me warm, but give a professional, polished, and unmistakeably feminine look, not to mention also comfortable enough to endure being on my feet as I travel into Perth city to deliver the contracts.


So on a whim I decided a change from my usual weekend inspection OOTD blog post this week. I quickly finish closing up the apartment after today’s (lack-lustre) mid-week inspection and am now on my way down to Perth city to deliver the contracts as I finish this blog post…


Occasion: work/ office



CUE white fitted long-sleeved button-up shirt

CUE satin sleeveless fitted peplum black dress (worn over the CUE shirt)

CUE belt (in black) with silver buckle

NINEWEST ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps

Hosiery from TARGET






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