OOTD: week 12 – Every open house, every week – wearing a gorgeous TED BAKER dress

OOTD: week 12 – Every open house, every week – wearing a gorgeous TED BAKER dress


What a busy few days it had been!


I previously mentioned that there isn’t a better time to be a real estate agent. The market is on the way up (real estate positive speak when the market is at its bottom – hey it can only go up right?) and even if you steal money ($210,000 in the case of a particular Sydney real estate agent) you don’t even have to go to jail!!! (that particular Sydney real estate agent merely got a suspended sentence for his crime!!)


Maybe it’s the loss of confidence in real estate agents on the East coast States, but just this week alone we have enquires from a number of interstate buyers about the fabulous city apartment which we are (still trying at) selling (yes, it’s that same one which failed to sell at auction which I took on since week one). Not only has there been new-found interest from new interstate buyers, I am also super-excited to hear back from the Melbourne based buyer who came to Perth 2 weekends ago to inspect the apartment, the one whom I hand delivered the contracts to his hotel room in Perth CBD!


Like a recently jilted girlfriend on rebound (I am not serious this one– just an allegory), I pounced onto him tightly. Hey Perth prices are cheap compared to Sydney and Melbourne, and if he is flying into Perth this weekend again just to look into purchasing an investment property he must be serious and cash-up! I am not letting this opportunity go!


I need just a little bit of time.


The agency exclusivity period has ended earlier this week and the city apartment we have been trying to sell is still on the market. While I’ve given all I can to try to make a sale in the past 12 weeks, trying everything (and trust me I tried EVERYTHING, every dirty little real estate trick in the book), there is only this much a young woman can do in this market: a 25-year low of the Perth real estate market doesn’t just right itself overnight. Apparently the seller isn’t happy. But my boss spoke to him and somehow managed to beg the seller into giving us another 1-2 weeks of agency exclusivity before he appoints a new agent to take over.  “I want you to work on that cashed up interstate buyer”, my boss tells. “I don’t care what you do but make him sign that sale contract. Take him out for dinner. Buy him drinks. Wear a shorter skirt and higher heels. Flirt with him – you are a woman, you know what to do!”


If he went any further I could have sworn that was my #metoo moment and I would have filed a workplace harassment complaint against him. But at moment the most important priorities are to prove to my boss that I can competently perform. And if my boss had somehow managed to buy me time by begging another 1-2 weeks from the seller, I need to work the interstate buyer, for he is our best chance at a quick sale.


So I rang our interstate buyer again for the third time in as many days. He is flying back to Perth this weekend (and seriously I don’t care if it’s for business or for looking at investment properties) so I offered him a private inspection of the apartment. I am super-excited when he took up the offer, for that means it will give me the opportunity to work on the client relationship, and hopefully close the sale.


I am serious about making a sale this weekend, so I decided to get “dressed up” for this Saturday morning’s open house and private inspection like I would on auction weekends. Last weekend I was feeling a bit dress-y and really want to put a nice dress on but ended up wearing a skirt suit instead. This weekend, however, I decided to put a dress on for the open house and the private inspection. And a nice one too. Ignoring the advise of real estate website domain.com.au that a real estate agent should get her clothes from: “Karen Millen, Cue and Veronika Maine“, I decided to turn to Ted Baker.


I bought this gorgeous TED BAKER gemisa encyclopaedia floral pleated dress (in nude pink) with a shiny contrasting copper zipper from Ted Baker a while ago on my last trip to Melbourne (I just had to stop at the DFO outlet…) but hadn’t really had to chance to wear it out, so I decided this weekend is going to be the special weekend the dress gets to be shown off. I picked it up at a mark down price of $321 (from $459) – it wasn’t that cheap still (the mark down price is running at about full price for a CUE dress) but I really liked the cheerful floral pattern and the shiny copper zipper with the tiny words ‘Ted Baker’ embossed on its side (don’t you just love the attention to detail?)


Needing to look both equal parts stylish and professional, I matched my new floral Ted Baker dress with my favourite CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer. A pair of nude hosiery, and my usual earrings, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet set complete the elegant and professional look.


A great outfit, of course, is only half of looking both equal parts stylish and professional: like that auction weekend I juggled a last minute hair dresser and a beautician’s waxing and threading appointment on Friday so that I would look my best today.

Ted Baker gemisa-encyclopaedia-floral-pleated-dress-nude-pink4


I checked my look in the mirror before I left home: A tasteful dress combined with recently done hair and a beautician visit and light make-up, I feel confident, empowered, and feminine. I am super-excited and looking forward to my work day!





Occasion: work/ office



TED BAKER gemisa encyclopaedia floral pleated dress (in nude pink)

CUE CITY Black Revere Collar Blazer

CUE belt

NINE WEST ‘Mailin’ pumps

Hosiery from Target



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