2019: What other way to start the new year than to spend a lazy afternoon shopping!


What other way to start the new year than to spend a lazy afternoon shopping!


I’ve been wanting to go shopping at the new Perth DFO factory outlet mall since it opened in Perth late last year, but I had been so busy I had still yet to get a chance until today.


I’m sure everyone else in Perth had already gone through its doors in the weeks leading up to the new year, but in case you were as busy as I was, here are some photos of the new mall:


From the outside:


Nicely manicured lawn: I am surprised how they kept the grass so green in this summer heat!



The food court:



One of my favourite labels: Review – and they have an outlet store here!



$99 Dresses!!!



To my disappointment, however, there weren’t any nice dresses that caught my eye at Review. Well to be honest there were a few that were ok, but they were just ok…


I did not leave the factory outlet mall empty-handed though, for the next store I walked in I managed to get myself a pretty new Heidi Klum Intimates bra:





So is it really the shopper’s paradise which they claim it to be?


My verdict: I have high hopes for the new factory outlet mall, given all the media hype and all. Did I come away disappointed? Well, yes and no. I managed to buy a new bra (and a rather pretty one too, and it even came in my size which is surprisingly hard to find in amongst sale stock outlet stores as the popular sizes sell out quickly, although I have to admit I got the last B cup), so that certainly made me happy.


The disappointments: well, I think there is an under-representation of sophisticated fashion clothing boutiques but an over-representation of sports stores. Unlike the DFO Factory Outlet stores in Melbourne, there isn’t a Cue store nor a Veronika Maine Store. I would also love to have Ted Baker, Karen Millen, NineWest. In fact, Review was pretty much the only fashion boutique worth shopping at for me. On the other hand, I counted over half a dozen from FILA to Puma to Jim Kidd Sports. Surely a girl needs more dresses and heels than running shoes right?





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