OOTD: business trip to Albany Western Australia (Day 3)

The serviced apartment we are staying at, Dolphin Lodge in Albany, does not have an in apartment washing machine and the laundry is shared. A bit annoying, if you ask me. In any case I had to iron my blouse this morning so I headed downstairs to the laundry in search of an iron. What I found was an iron whose appearance suggests that it has seen better days.

With a little trepidation (I am always worried about hotel irons damaging my nice clothes), I am relieved to find that despite its looks the iron actually works surprisingly well!

My blouse we immaculately ironed and even the collars and sleeves were perfect!

You know how my boss planned to mix business with pleasure with this business trip. We’d work Thursday and Friday and next Monday and Tuesday, and because we were staying over the weekend and won’t be working on the Saturday and Sunday, my boss arranged for his wife and kids to fly into Albany Friday afternoon so that they could spend the weekend with him. On Monday he’d drop his wife and kids off at the airport and we continued to work early next week.

Like every good tight arsed boss, to save money he had arranged for me to sleep in the same 2 bedroom serviced apartment as he was staying in Wednesday and Thursday night, then have me moved to a studio from Friday and over the weekend, before moving me back into the 2 bedroom serviced apartment on Monday morning. So instead of having to pay for 2 separate apartments throughout our work trip in Albany he’d only pay for 2 when his wife and kids are in town.

So that was his initial plan anyway.

I got back from ironing my blouse and my boss was out of his bedroom and he told me he had a change of plans. So instead of making me move out, he has booked himself another accommodation for the whole weekend for him and his family. I can stay in this current serviced apartment until he checks out on Monday morning, drop his wife and kids at the airport, then he’ll move back in.

So I didn’t have to pack and unpack and repack and unpack again after all!

My boss brewed a pot of coffee, and along with some toast we had our coffee on the balcony this morning, enjoying the outlook of the idyllic Middleton beach locality.

Our day had been reasonable productive all morning. Our plan was to meet with another business client after lunch. This client, as I understood, was to be a ‘major’ client (if you know what I mean). Rather unexpectedly, he rang us about 10 minutes prior to our meeting and cancelled on us. How disappointing. I was in the car with my boss and I could hear my boss trying to salvage the meeting – but to no avail.

My boss suggested we might as well do a little sight-seeing instead. It was a Friday afternoon anyway and there was no point trying to set up a meeting with someone else. And besides, it was still a bit too early for the boss to head to the airport to pick up his wife and kids.

What pity. I had been told by my boss this scheduled meeting was to be with a ‘major’ client so I had taken the effort to dress well this morning. We have corporate work uniforms but it is not mandatory. So most just turn up to work wearing whatever (myself included). But today, because of the scheduled meeting with this ‘major’ client, I decided to take the effort not only to dress well but to project a professional image for the company by wearing the corporate uniform blouse.

Going for failsafe the white blouse/ black skirt look, I matched my corporate work uniform short-sleeved button-up fitted white blouse with my favourite CUE black pencil fluted hem skirt with waterfall ruffle. A pair of my newly cleaned sensible heel height NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps, nude hosiery, and my usual earrings, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet set complete the elegant and professional look.

So now we found ourselves with a free afternoon to spare, and myself overdressed for sight seeing.

We headed up towards the various sights and scenic look-outs on Mount Clarence.

On Mt Clarence, we turned to the left and found ourselves at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial. I got out of the car to walk around. Locals tell us that the weather in Albany can be rather fickle: sunny one minute, then rain the next. I saw for the first time what they mean. It started to rain a little the moment I got out of the car.

I got distracted by the rain while walking around and the heel of my new cleaned NineWest pumps caught a loose paving tile. It sank in the gap immediately, but what absolutely heart breaking was that in the process of pulling the heel out, it left a gouge in the heel of my favourite pair of NineWest pumps. It so happened I handed my phone over to my boss to take a few photos me and he managed to catch it all on video. The rain gathered with increasing intensity shortly after the video capture my heel moment so I got back into the car.

As we started driving back downhill, it stopped raining.

So we turned off toward a lookout on our left instead.

And found this wooded platform affording panoramic views of the coast.

Of course I had to jump out of the car and have a few more photos taken.

The weather was at least cooperating this time at the lookout. I got quite a few photos taken over the course of the next 15 to 20 minutes, before its sunny one minute with a nice golden glow, then it got dark, and darker, and even darker, and it finally started to rain.

So this time we decided to call it a day and headed back to the serviced apartment. My boss packed up his luggage and headed off to the airport to pick up his wife and kids, taking me along to pick up the second rental car so that I won’t be stranded over the weekend. I left him at the airport after I got the keys to rental car – now I truly feel like I am on holidays without my boss for the entire weekend. Close friends will know I am dealing with a lot in my life at the moment (legal problems, money problems, family problems, work problems, etc) so this weekend break in the middle of my business trip is truly what I am looking forward to to give me some distraction from my problems at home and allow me to forget about them for a while.

But first things first, let’s find some decent fish and chips for dinner in Albany (we are, after all, on the coast)…

Occasion: Business trip


Blouse: corporate work uniform short-sleeved button-up fitted white blouse

Skirt: CUE black pencil skirt with fluted hem and waterfall ruffle and exposed back zip

Pumps: NineWest ‘Mailin’ heeled point toe pumps

Hosiery: nude stay-up stockings from Target



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