Overly sentimental, struggling introvert, lover of elegant dressing and timeless style.

An occasional blogger, hoping to make it big one day 🙂 , if only I can get over my perennial writer’s block.

When I first started I had this idea that it will be a collection of random musings of my daily life: what I am wearing, where I am, what I am eating,  who I am dating, and what I am dreaming of. But with time it became mostly a fashion blog: mostly OOTD and what I am wearing. As far as fashion is concerned, I have a soft spot for elegant dresses, sexy heels, and classy office blouses and skirts. I am not sponsored, and I buy all my own outfit on this blog with my own money.

With time, however, it gets harder and harder to be a fashion blogger. I am running out of wardrobe space. And I am increasingly less and less presentable without make-up as I age. Did I also mention I used to be a size 6/8 and these days I have trouble squeezing into my old dresses?

So now I couldn’t quite decide what this blog should be… I’ll figure something out with time.

If you have any questions or if you wish to get in touch with me, email me at nataliesdailylife@webname.com



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jaci says:

    creased satin dress: carry a small, hand held clothing steamer. jiffy is best brand but must be ordered, other brands are available at Myers. It is specifically small and light for plane travellers and hand luggage easy fit.
    PS. What type of work do you do?, very envious, always wanted to have a job with travel. PPS. Try a Satin black jacket, or Satin mix (with plain pattern embroidery to break up the overall satin effect), it will mix better when you are wearing a Satin dress or skirt. kind regards, Jaci


  2. Tyrone Bennington says:

    A lot of people have been looking at your va-jay-jay. I would like to eat your snatch but would be sexier if it was a little harrier. Next time post your breasts as well. I know they’re small but I would nut a large load on them and your face.


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