I never really had a thing for playsuits or jumpsuits. It just never appealed to me, and I didn’t think they were something flattering, so I never really tried them. Until now. To be honest, I didn’t walk into a shop and buy one. It was a pre-christmas gift from Mr S (the man, shall we say, that I am kind of seeing). Last night Mr S turned up at my place and he came bearing gifts- he bought me a black satin Bardot playsuit. Even more surprisingly, he got it in the right size. The tags were still attached, and the playsuit had cost him $120, so it wasn’t cheap. We had a friend’s party this afternoon (which incidentally both Mr S and I are invited), so I decided to wear it for him. I had no idea how incredibly sexy playsuits can be, or rather, how incredibly sexy I felt wearing it. The shorts ended so high up my legs it was almost indecent, so I had to pair it with matching black thighs despite the summer heat for some modesty. I choose the coolest of my tights- a pair of Voodoo patterned thighs. Wearing anything other than a g-string underneath is also totally out of the question, by the way. I noticed I got a fair bit of attention at the party, and on the street while walking with Mr S to and from the party.Bardot black satin playsuitBardot black satin playsuit-cape back

I have had a few glasses of wine at the party, and Mr S was looking as delicious as ever. I blame it on the satin playsuit: Feeling incredibly sexy all day has made me vulnerable. So when Mr S suggested we go back to his place after the party, it was a ‘YES PLEASE!!!’ from me. Mr S and I had only been kind of seeing each other for a few weeks, so this was the first time I went to his place. It was surprisingly neat, no dirty dishes stacked in the sink! His housemate was out, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We had a few more glasses of wine, I felt more relaxed, we started fore-playing, and he was like ‘WOW’ … without going into the details, let’s just say by the end of the night he got his $120’s worth!

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